Why do you need to Attend Sugar Brown Burlesque & Comedy Valentine’s Day Show?

Why do you need to Attend Sugar Brown Burlesque & Comedy Valentine’s Day Show?

Express Inn Spring Feb 05, 2021

Do you want to see a funny sensual show and an awesome after-party! If yes, then you need to get the tickets for Sugar Brown Burlesque & Comedy Valentine’s Day Show. It will feature Sugar Brown - the seductive alter ego of diva Lanita Shera - "Burlesque Bad & Bougie" dishes some steamy stand-up comedy with her signature sensual moves. Sugar dives into her diaries and explores her experiences on-stage - exciting the audience with laughs and feels. This will be an incredible show for those who like it hot and steamy.

She delivers a dazzling art form that includes dance, comedy, and humorous banter to praise a side of life we don’t always discuss. After attending this show, you can reside at Express inn Spring. Don’t worry about COVID-19 because we sanitize every corner of the hotel and follow every preventive measure.

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